Record Vendor Refund Check in QuickBooks Desktop: A Complete Guide

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Also, you can get in touch with our AccountingErrors QuickBooks technical support team for more information. Our QuickBooks experts have all the answers to your queries related to this QuickBooks vendor credit. Mark Calatrava is an accounting expert for Fit Small Business. From the credit card register, find the credit card charge or credit you want to review, and then click anywhere on the transaction to open more details.

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When you are in the “Make Deposits” screen, you can choose the “Received from” drop-down menu. Thereafter, you can select the vendor you have received the refund from. After a credit card credit has been entered, it should appear in the credit card register. The following steps will show you how to find the credit in the register, review the details, and make any adjustments. So, how do you properly receive a vendor refund?

Intuit Login Procedures for QuickBooks Desktop

The user then must select the desired payment method in the “Payment Method” field. This field is used to document the method of payment used for the refund. Lastly, if applicable, the user must enter any additional information in the “Memo” field. This field is used to document any additional information, such as notes or references, related to the refund. In this step, enter the returned items with the amount in the refund check.

Go to theFrom Accountdrop-down, and choose the appropriateAccounts Payableaccount. Please add your details to this thread and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for getting back to this thread. Upon replicating the steps, the workaround shared above works on my end.


Select Set Credits and apply the Bill Credit you created earlier then selectDone. Right in section that says Add other funds to the deposit, enter the required details. Click on the “Credit” radio option in order to start accounting for the goods’ return. Here, you can add the relevant amount for the accounts. Hover over Accounting in the left menu bar, and then select Chart of accounts from the pop-up menu.

Case 4: Record Vendor Refund Checks on the Behalf of the Original Vendor

In first step, go to the “banking menu” & Choose “make deposits“. The amount will be refunded, and the data will be recorded automatically by QuickBooks. The customer should receive the transaction within 7-10 working days. In this article learn how to fix the QuickBooks not enough memory issue and follow the steps to enter home … We hope the instructions given in the blog have helped you understand how to record a refund from a vendor in QuickBooks online. In account, check whether you select the right credit card or not.

Once you are done applying all these steps, your process of recording the vendor refund check will be finished. This is how you can record vendor refund check in QuickBooks Desktop which is not linked to the existing bill. Keep in mind, however, that this only works for Quickbooks Desktop .

  • Hover over Accounting in the left menu bar, and then select Chart of accounts from the pop-up menu.
  • From the ‘Vendors menu‘ and select the ‘Enter Bills‘.
  • If the vendor is issuing a refund for $300, for instance, enter $300 in this field.
  • Select ‘Enter Credit Card Charges‘ from the banking menu.
  • Step 2.In this step, you need to enter the vendor’s name, select the expense tab, and enter the account as mentioned on the original bill.
  • If you use the cloud-based version of Quickbooks, you’ll need to handle vendor refunds in a different way.

You can add a Memo in the box at the bottom of the screen if you’d like, and select any Attachments to include from your file directories. Otherwise, click Save and close or Save and new. The QuickBooks Point of Sale multi-user issues arises when users are trying to access a company file that is available …

Record Bill credit for vendor refund

However, one day the accounting cycle you wrote the vendor may come back for reasons like price change and unknown discount, among others. One mistake to avoid is receiving the funds back against the original bill expense. So now you are wondering how to receive refund from vendor in QuickBooks without committing mistakes. In case you have received the refund for returned items, click the Item tab.

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You can then record a refund against the credit note or payment on account. You should only choose this option if you intend to make another payment to the vendor for the same invoice at a later date. QuickBooks has advanced features that ensure proper transactions management.

Pick the Refund Receipt from the + menu to open a new refund receipt. Match the amount you deposited and “Vendor’s check amount”. Enter the account appropriate amount for each “Account” in the amount column. Go to the “Banking” menu and press the “Make Deposits” option, from there. Get the “Pay Bills” option from the Vendor’s menu. In the “Amount field,” enter the amount you want to remove from your total.

In the Deposit To drop-down, select the account where the money will be deposited. Under Add funds to this deposit, choose the vendor name in the Received from field. You’ve successfully refunded the credit note which now shows as paid. Now payment to deposit window will open. Choose the ‘Credit option‘ button to account for the return of goods.

When a vendor sends you a refund check on the behalf of an original vendor then you should create a deposit for that particular vendor. After that, you can enter the bill for the deposit amount and apply it to your deposit. Now, the credit is necessary to be created for an original vendor and then make a bill for the credit amount so that you can apply the bill to a credit. To understand how to record a refund in QuickBooks, let us start off with customer refunds.

Method 1 – The vendor sends you a refund check for a bill which is already paid

In both these cases, users need to create appropriate documents and enter the data correctly. Otherwise, you will receive errors whenever you create reports in QuickBooks desktop. Select Purchases, then Purchase Credit Notes.

This method is used when you make a purchase using the business credit card and for some reason, you have to return the product. Then the vendor usually will issue a refund to the credit card account that you used. For linking vendor credit and bank deposits, we’ll be using expenses.

You need to insert the accounts on the native bill. Enter the name of the vendor also enter the date, reference number and amount. Select the Accounts listed on the original bill from the Expenses tab. Users also have the option to swipe a card and authorize the transaction.

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It also helps the accounting experts to record the refunds from vendors. The vendor might give you a credit doc which depicts that you no longer have to make any amount which is mentioned in the doc. Or, the vendor might offer you a refund check. In this way, you can record the vendor refund check on the behalf of an original vendor. In case you receive the refund from the vendor as a credit card amount then you can save it in the credit card account as charges. Now, you have learned how to record a deposit, enter the Bill Credit for the returned item and attach the deposit to a Bill Credit.

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